Introductions to an alien race.

So another day looms as I sit here in the quiet whilst my daughter has her weekly massage. I have to be quiet otherwise she is distracted and all hell then evolves with the complementary glare from the physiotherapist! I think she enjoys it and her occasional moan as a stretch seems to reach new limits of tolerance is quickly followed by a smile or chuckle. But there’s the rub - “I think she enjoys it”.

I assume many things but my son regularly tells me never to assume as it - (you can fill in the well known saying here yourself) - but with my daughter we kinda have to make many assumptions. She can’t communicate to the level you or I would expect from a human being, but that’s not to say she can’t communicate. Her various tones, eye glares or hand gestures say otherwise. It’s a new language. One that we are not party to. It’s as if we are making the first introductions to an alien race that has just visited Earth. We start tentatively and then make assumptions to the meaning or if what we have said is understood. The problem is my daughter fully understands what we have said, her reply is just in a language we are struggling to grasp! And why is that? Why is it so hard to grasp this when we have a multicultural society with a multitude of languages that communicate between themselves on a daily basis? Why is it so hard for her to get her point across.


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